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Roof anchor inspection

roof anchor inspection

Every building where a suspended scaffold, boatswain’s chair or similar single-point suspension equipment is to be used for window cleaning, all anchor points and permanently-installed suspended scaffolds must be inspected by a qualified individual before being used for the first time and subsequently as per minimum requirements.

Let our highly-trained, experienced employees perform the roof anchor inspection for you and ensure you are not only meeting minimum provincial standards, but exceeding them, specifically regarding:

  • all adhesive or expansion anchors;
  • a review of the design drawings to ensure compliance with current regulations standards and engineering standards;
  • an inspection of the system to ensure compliance with the engineered drawings;
  • an inspection of all exposed, visible and accessible components of the system for signs of deformity; and
  • maintenance considerations

In order for you to have on file for request by an authority, we will provide you with a certification of inspection outlining:

  • the date on which each inspection is made;
  • the name and signature of the person making the inspection; and

any modifications or repairs made

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