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Roof snow removal / Icicle removing

Elite can meet all of your roof snow removal and Icicle removing needs. Our experienced employees use modern equipment specifically designed to handle all types and sizes of roofs.



Roof snow removal and Icicle removing

Over time and especially with the extreme weather conditions we witness in Ottawa, a common problem we face is the build-up of heavy snow and subsequent ice dams that form on the roof, the excess weight causing damage to roofs, eaves troughs, vents and down spouts.


Ice dams, or icicles as we commonly call them, form when heavy snow melts during the day, flows under the shingles, and refreezes at night which could lead to unexpected and expensive damage. You can prevent the accumulation of ice dams by taking the proper steps to reduce the accumulation of snow on your rooftop.


Performing roof snow removal and Icicle removing is risking severe personal injury. Let our highly-trained and experienced employees handle the job for you. Safety is first in snow removal and should only be performed by professionals who have the proper equipment, training and knowledge to achieve your desired results without risking injury to passerby’s.

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